Mushk | Episode 21

This episode begins with golden words, words that touch your soul, words that evoke the feeling of being in love. Guddi’s philosophical side is just as interesting as her savage side.

Malak Ahmad shows his true colours as he flirts with Guddi, leers at her, tries to attack her. Bravo Ahmad Hassan for his portrayal of this role. You want to smash his face with a bat. That’s mark of a great performance, right? I don’t understand why he picks such roles. He played an evil man in Soteli Mamta as well.

And, a continuity problem: Guddi is in a separate room. Doesn’t she sleep in the same room as Mahek? Since they wanted Guddi to be threatened, they gave her a separate room. Bhai waah!

Mahek has taken a decision – I will take Khula from Shayan.

Speaking of Shayan, marrying Masooma has given him confidence and attitude. His face off with Muqaddar Khan is interesting and heart touching, especially what Shayan says about our society.

Malak Ahmad has lost his mind. He is torturing Qutbuddin by making him run in front of a speeding SUV.  Why? Because Zulekha tortured him when he could not walk. Kuch bhi, this misdirected anger should not be shown on TV. We already do that in real life. People don’t need more motivation.

Love the chemistry between Adam and Guddi. It is not just good acting. It is also good writing. Credit for both goes to Imran Ashraf. Well done Urwa and Imran.

Until next post, stay safe. And, read my books. They are on the #HotNewRelease list. Woohoo!

Shabana Mukhtar

The story steps ahead towards closure. Adam’s mother questions him about Guddi, and Adam tells her everything.