Mushk | Episode 22


So, Mahek wants a khula, and she orders Adam to create papers. Is that all? No. She also has another question for Adam.

میرے بچے کواپنا نام دو گے؟

Guddi is the worst affected of this. Mahek is so selfish, no? I love Guddi’s line about dupatte ka bharam. Watch the drama to enjoy the beautiful writing of Imran Ashraf.

Shayan is using Muqaddar Khan’s predicament to his own advantage. Nothing scares Shayan now.

Chhota Malak is showing his true colours. He asks Qutbuddin to bring a rope and coal – to tie Zulekha and burn her. What the hell?

This episode has a fun twist. Muqaddar Khan’s Peer Sahab is fake; at least not sincere to Muqaddar. That is not all. He is shit scared of his wife. What fun dynamic they have. The scene also has a little bit of unnecessary info dump in form of Peer Sahab’s monologue.

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Shabana Mukhtar