Mushk | Episode 24 | Unnecessary Recaps

Adam confronts Shayan, and through Shayan, we see a recap of Shayan’s life. It was unnecessary but I know it is needed for those who haven’t seen the previous episodes. The drama is nearing its end.

Adam convinces Shayan to divorce Masooma, Shayan repeats fhebwor

Back home, Malak Ahmed has killed Dr Rana, but not before Dr Rana spoils his life forever by reminding of Zulekha’s affair. Malak also threatens Munna who reveals it is Adam that Guddi loves. Oh, damn!

By the way, why was Rana ready to die when he had time to run away? Don’t get it.

What follows is a series of clichés. Adam calls Mahek who is fast asleep, Adam’s phone battery dies Malak abducts Guddi on the pretext that Adam is in the hospital. Now Malak will force Guddi for nikaah the next morning. Tch tch!

Will this drama end in the next episode? I think so.

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Shabana Mukhtar