Mushk | Episode 26 | A Scintillating Finale

Let’s discuss the finale, shall we?

Adam is ready to confront Chhota Malak who arrives just in time. He eats down from his car, and Adam steps out. They run toward each other like angry bulls. Adam overpowers Ahmad Malak, until police arrived to arrest Ahmad for killing Dr Rana.

And guess who brought the police? Qutbuddin… That man who dreamt of being the big shot politician. Well done, dude!

I feel bad for Roshni, though. Zulekha had left the house and now Ahmad Malak is arrested. Poor girls!

That’s not all. Bade Malak Sahab also passes away.

Very emotional scene but Munna, I mean, Sami Khan is the best, even though Imran Ashraf and Moomal Khan are also in the frame. Well done, Sami Khan.

Guddi calls her mother, and the mother-daughter duo resolve their differences, because now is the time. It is the finale, isn’t it?

When Adam arrives at the hospital, Guddi is gone.

That  scene between Adam and Guddi in the waiting lounge just broke my heart and made me grin from ear to ear. What a sweet and romantic scene! Uff!!!

Urwa and Imran have killed the scene. I mean, I have been an Imran Ashraf fan since I saw him in Dillagi as a side character, but Urwa, oh my goodness. This girl has surprised us all l, hasn’t she?

Don’t you think that other subplots are forgotten. Muqaddar Khan is paralyzed and his wife is now avenging all the pain that she has been through. Much deserved. Shayan and Mahek come back as a couple to Muqaddar Khan’s place.

The last missing piece is Zulekha but Qutbuddin finds her in Darul-Aman.

The story ends as Adam and Guddi gets married and Adam thinks:

Shukr Alhamdulillah!!!

What better way to end a story? Fabulous!!!

That was one scintillating and satisfying finale episode. I am still swooning.

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Shabana Mukhtar