Mushk | Episode 9

Let’s review the ninth episode of Mushk.

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Adam says yes, making Malik happy. For reasons unknown, Zulekha has a competition with Mahek. When Zulekha learns about Adam’s proposal for Mahek, she asks her doctor accomplice to bring a proposal for Roshni.

Zulekha and doctor are injecting poison to junior Malik, and Guddi witnesses it. She also captures the syringe. I like this character. I like savage characters. Not rondu like Mahek.

Shayan learns about Sajjad’s death. He offers to lead the final prayers for Sajjad. Osama Tahir does well as a grieving friend. By the way, namaz-e-janaza aise nahi padhte.

Both families bring proposals for Roshni and Mahek respectively. Nikaah will be next week. Everybody wear your best outfit 🙂

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

PS: Tai ji, Imran Ashraf and Guddi are killing every scene, no?