Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 13

Hello and good evening to all the people in self and/or forced qurantine. It is time to review Episode 11 of Pyar Ke Sadqay, my current favourite drama.

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Mahjabeen and Abdullah are on their way to Shanzey’s place. They appreciate each other in their own cute little way.

Khalid leaves the moment they arrive. Issa is being Issa – obnoxious and blunt, but only for Shanzey. To Mahjabeen, he’s mostly nice. Shanzey is surprised at the way Abdullah defends his wife. The conversation soon turns uncomfortable as both Shanzey and Abdullah remember their earlier tiff.

Washma, the sanest person in this family very clearly explains to Mahjabeen that she shouldn’t talk about Hammad.

The reception goes well and Mahjabeen is waiting for Abdullah. No, not for him, only because she wants him to click a pic. She shows tantrums but Abdullah doesn’t relent, initially. Her poses and her fight with Abdullah is so spontaneous and adorable. Mahjabeen may seem stupid but she knows how to use her power.

The next morning, she also proves to be a good daughter-in-law by taking care of Mansoora. Cute scene in the family.

Sarwar humiliates Abdullah again, in front of Ikhtiyar. Abdullah should retaliate, no? Abdullah couldn’t join phupho for lunch.

Munshi tells Mansoora about Sarwar’s proposal for Mahjabeen. Munshi is worried and rightly so. She refuses to believe it, blames it all on Munshi and kicks him out; whilst Sarwar overhears the conversation.


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