Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 18

It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 18, that aired on May 21, 2020.

18th episode begins with another brainwashing session by Sarwar to Abdullah. This has become tiring as it is. Mahjabeen was right – Abdullah bawla hai.

Issa is so badly stereotyped, I cannot help but snort at his character. I think they should have put at least some effort on his character. He is arrogant, Shanzey has hade and she leaves him.

She goes to Abdullah’s office where Sarwar gives his wholehearted permission to take Abdullah out for lunch, and flirt with him, I guess? When Shanzey says “Sarwar”, it sounds like “server”. Did you notice?
She says: you still remember that I like coffee.
Behn, you left Issa because he didn’t ask the maid to make tea for you. Itna farq?

Abdullah and Shanzey go out for dinner and both flirt with each other, both have conveniently forgotten about their marriage.

Mansoora has hired an grooming consultant and that grooming session reminds you of the similar scene from movie Yaraana when Amitabh Bachhan is being told how to eat. Anywho, the teacher quits in a few minutes. Convenient, again!

“Mahjabeen loves Abdullah” scene is the only respite in this episode. Otherwise it was pretty BORING.

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