Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 22 | Will Abdullah Leave Mahjabeen?

“I want ’em both.”

Abdullah is so effing confused. He just cannot make up his mind. Will he Mahjabeen? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 22, that aired on June 18, 2020. 


Shanzey convinces Abdullah to divorce Mahjabeen and our bawla Abdullah says, “fine.”

Khalid isn’t entirely happy with Shanzey’s decision but he either loves her too much or is too scared of her, so he doesn’t stop her. Abdullah isn’t married to Shanzey yet but he’s already confused fumbling.

The writers have suddenly remembered about phupho and Washma. Thank goodness because Washma is the single soul who genuinely vested in Mahjabeen’s interests. I just hope she does something for Mahjabeen and isn’t reduced to just a guest appearance.

Sarwar makes a pass at Mahjabeen. She tells Abdullah but he doesn’t trust her, because he recalls that once Munshi told about her lying habits. He drops her home, almost pushes her down. Itna rude?

The best scene is when Seema hugs Mahjabeen. That long and unhurried hug is bound to tug the strings of your heart.

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