Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 26 | Munshi Is No More

It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 26, that aired on July 16, 2020. 

Khalid shows full trust in Abdullah, a stark contrast to how Sarwar treated him. It instills a sense of confidence in him.

Mahjabeen is also a bit confident that Washma will bail out Munshi. But Munshi loses the battle of life, but not before taking a promise from Washma to look after Mahjabeen.

As I had predicted Mansoora knows the truth, she’s just hesitant to take a decision. Thanks to Lalarukh who gives her courage. But it is too late now, isn’t it?

The whole death to burial is a bit melodramatic, even though I wept through the entire scene.

After the burial, Mahjabeen tells Abdullah that Sarwar really did hit on her. Now, Abdullah is as confused as ever.

We also see Sarwar angry that Munshi passed away so easily without regretting his “wrong decision”. He accuses that nobody, not even his mother ever understood him. Excuse me, are we expected to sympathize with that evil man? No, thank you.

Srha Asghar, oh my god, what a performance, girl! I have loved her in that episode Haqeeqat – Mujrim Kaun, and that short film about. But, in this drama, you see how talented she is. I have become a fan.

It is Yumna who’s acting will haunt me forever. So unlike Mahjabeen, she sits down and weeps quietly. 

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