Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 28

It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 28, that aired on July 30, 2020.

Let’s repeat the question that has annoyed me for a week – how the hell did Mahjabeen get pregnant?

Sarwar brings his secret weapon to “win” Mahjabeen – Shanzey. Shanzey flirts with Abdullah right in front of Sarwar. I have not seen any such scene, not even in Indian stuff; not that I have seen many.

Abdullah learns about the pregnancy and then instead of focussing on buying a bridal dress for Shanzey; Abdullah keeps watching kids. Seriously, a kid is going to change his mind? And, I still want to know how that kid came into being.

Abdullah arrives at the hospital. Mahjabeen is asleep. One of the highlights of this episode is his conversation with Washma, which primarily consisted of nodding and saying “hmmm”. I love how Washma handles him. Washma is the best – I guess I have said that far too many times.

Washma vents out her frustration on an already mourning Mansoora. I like what Mansoora said:

دل تو کب ک امر چکا، بس دفنا نہیں پا رہی ہوں۔

By the way, Mansoora has been wearing that red-and-blue outfit for several scenes now. 

We see a glimpse of the past where Sarwar is harassing Washma. Does Mansoora know? We don’t know yet. 

The episode ends after a savage war of words between Lalarukh and Sarwar. Want to see more of that.

Let’s discuss the best and the worst scene now.

Best Scene

Mahjabeen arrives home and Seema asks her: What did the doctor say?

Mahjabeen replies: Amma, tum bhi na kabhi kabhi Mahjabeen hi ho jati ho. Thodi Samjhdar bano

And that knowing smile on Seema’s face. That scene is adorable. I laughed till I started crying. I do that. I cry when I watch dramas.

Worst Scene

I don’t want to be picky, but I hate Yashma’s acting. After their shopping spree, Shanzey asks Abdullah: “You will be a caring father. Will you be a caring husband?”

That expression on her face… I don’t know… It looked very cheap. I am sorry, I did not want to say it… That’s what I felt. I guess I have never really liked Shanzey that’s why I fail to sympathize with her.

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