Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 8 | Abdullah Marries Mahjabeen

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Plot Summary & Review

This episode begins as Shanzey refuses to marry Abdullah. What were they thinking? They literally ganged up on her – four versus one. Her advice makes sense, that he should be independent and confident. Nonetheless, she shouldn’t have been so mean to him. Even though Yashma Gill acts well, her accent is a bit annoying.

After this, nobody is in the celebration mood but Abdullah insists that they attend Mahjabeen’s wedding.

Hamad’s mother comes home sailing loudly.
Mahjabeen asks: “Kya hua? Dr Hammad mar gaya?”

No surprise for guessing that Hamad didn’t come because he has married Nilo. His mother blames everything on Mahjabeen.

This whole drama gives Abdullah courage to speak. Don’t insult her, he says. Hammad’s mother retorts with most predictable line: “why don’t you marry her instead?”

After a series of flashbacks, he walks out. Mahjabeen is quiet for a change. A newly charged Abdullah proposes to her. What a lovely scene it is! Do watch. I cannot begin to tell you the genius of this scene. I cried and laughed at the same time.

Sarwar sulks with his mother while Abdullah gets married. Woohoo! Nobody objects, that’s surprising. Also, when he brings her home, his mom, aunt and sister are conveniently absent. The whole matter was over within a minute. I don’t want unnecessary drama but some detailing would have been better.

Now the sad part had begun without realization. Mahjabeen mentions Hammad twice. Abdullah doesn’t like it. He will mention Shanzey and she will feel bad. We all gathered that from the teasers, didn’t we?

He video calls Shanzey to prove to her that he is indeed married and in the process also breaks Mahjabeen’s heart. He calls her dumb and poor and beneath him. Terrific performance by Yumna Zaidi.

Let’s see what drama unfolds in next episode.

Stay tuned to TOMU – The Other Me Unfolded.

Shabana Mukhtar