Qarar | Episode 13

Ammar and Fareeha’s relationship has been sorted automatically without much explanation. Similarly, Nadira is also very sweet to Fareeha and very harsh with Maya. I wonder how long that would last.

Maya is now divorced and lost whatever little mind she had. She talks about about everyone, EVERYONE.

Rana, the ever-so-sensible friend is a bit too nosy at times. Whilst Ammar is only meeting Siraj for some work, Rana suggests that Ammar might still be interested in Fareeha. Fareeha is so stupid; she also trusts Rana.

Junaid is coming, Fareeha is dusting and constantly sado-ing with Ammar, who makes no attempts to clarify things. Just talk to her already, no?

Siraj brings a fair point. Maya should return Fareeha’s jewellery. Maya refuses flatly, of course. Shit gets real soon, as Maya insults Fareeha just as Fareeha and co. come for a visit. 

“Apologise!” Siraj orders Maya. 

Maya, in turn, talks more shit.

And, then, Ammar speaks. He tells Maya to mind her business, amidst loud ass music. Chalo, yeh kissa khatam.

Naya kissa shuru…

Junaid makes entry while his family isn’t home. 

Sooo handsome!

Now, Maya or Nadira will force Fareeha to ask Junaid to marry Maya. Mark my words! 

The rest of the episode was boring and predictable and repetitive. 

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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