Qarar | Episode 16

Ammar is sulking as usual; Fareeha is being extra sweet as usual; Junaid is being the perfect man as usual; and Maya is being a snob as usual. What bew does this episode offer?

The same old shit – Maya overacts on tiny things, subtly tells Junaid that he should focus only on her and forget the rest of his family. Junaid thinks that whatever Maya says is correct.

Maya tells Junaid to sell their old house to fund their business. Nani is hurt, so is Ammar, but they agree to sell the house. Poor Nani! How would she let go of her old house? She must be emotionally attached to that house.

Junaid who seemed a reasonable guy in the beginning is now dancing to Maya’s tunes. The only good thing that happens through the whole episode is this – Ammar learns about Maya’s true nature and true intent. Thank goodness for that. When he fights with Fareeha, Fareeha’s staple expression irks me like crazy.

So, that was the review of Qarar’s latest episode. And, another weekend comes to an end. Sigh!

Until next review, stay safe.

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