Qarar | Episode 20


Things are going down south. Ammar’s colleague is very mean as if he is Maya’s cousin of something. Ammar hasn’t gotten salary for months, Junaid is sidelining Ammar from work, and he behaves very rudely with Ammar. He has also demoted Ammar. Now, Ammar sits in an isolated office.

Ammar confronts Junaid, and things are bad, terrible. Ammar is heartbroken, for good reasons.

Thankfully, Fareeha has joined school. Thankfully, Rana is Fareeha’s friend. Rana loans some money to Fareeha to buy some basic things to run the kitchen. And, thankfully, Junaid isn’t rude only with Ammar. He is just as mean with Maya. Awesome! This is what I want.

Salman insists to meet Maya. Zebunnisa and her wife passed away in a road accident and now Salman is widowed. Salman still has feelings for Maya, and Maya feels the same way, especially the way Salman flatters her, it is hard to resist his charm. He gifts an expensive set to Maya. Maya loves jewellery, we all know that. Nice game, Mr Salman…

Maya has lied about a doctor’s appointment, and her lies are caught. Junaid confronts Maya, and Maya puts the blame on Fareeha, as usual.

Junaid isn’t as tame as he seems but timings are in Maya’s favour. Just before Junaid could check Maya’s phone, in her presence of course, someone comes to meet him. Tch!

Fareeha Kearns about the jewellery but Maya charms her by her superb acting. Fareeha is the stupidest character I have ever seen. Itna bhi kya?

Honestly I just want this drama to end asap. I don’t think I will watch any dramas now. They all drag forever.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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