Qarar | Episode 21

The melodrama continues as Maya and Nadira keeps insulting Fareeha. Fareeha does what she does best – makes a pouty face that we have seen through the previous twenty episodes.

Maya meets Salman again, despite the promise she made to Fareeha. Salman insists that Maya should wear set he has gifted. I get a feeling that Salman is only using Maya now to avenge the torture Fareeha has been through. I can’t explain the reasons but this is my hunch.

I also feel that Junaid is ignoring Maya on purpose. Again, I have no reasons to explain this.

Maya meets Salman, and blames it on Maya. Junaid and Ammar begin to quarrel as well. But our goody two shoes says nothing. This happens like never.

I guess only two more episodes and then this torture would be over.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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