Qismat | Episode 14 | Soha Is Thrown Out Of Her House

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After Waleed’s tamasha, Soha’s parents are extremely upset with her. She tries to explain, but they don’t listen.

Waleed arrives home to see Sara and Bilquis eating and happily discussing their shopping. Bilquis is determined to get him married as she pleases. So, she poisons Waleed’s already littered mind. Waleed and Soha’s relationship is shaky now.

Even Rayan is confused about his life. If that’s not enough, Rasheda and Rayan are 

Soha overhears Nasir’s conversation with Asiya. Nasir says that he doesn’t want Soha in his house anymore and that she’s tortured them enough. 

Soha’s entire life (I mean, all the episodes) flash before her eyes. So, what does she do? She goes to the kitchen, picks a knife and is ready to slit her wrist. Wow! Slow clap!


Rayan refuses to be with Soha, disappointing Asiya and Shabeer. Nasir is hell-bent on sending Soha away. 

An agitated Waleed calls Rayan, they meet and after a volley of savage comments, Rayan gives up on Soha. He wasn’t really holding on to her, anyway. 

He’s a nice man, though. He offers / forces her to drop her home. On the way, Rayan forbids her from coming to his house. Through background score, we see that three characters dilemma. Soha leaves her phone  in the car. Convenient!

Waleed overhears the conversation between Bilquis and Sara. Sara wants shitload of money to be spent for her wedding and Bilquis says she will never let Waleed marry Soha. Ha! Bechara Waleed!

Nasir, instigated by Qudsiya’s comments, throws her out of his house. Uncle, kidhar jayegi woh?


Soha is one of the most annoying heroine I have ever seen. Itna bewaqoof koi kaise ho sakta hai?

She looks great, though. Let’s see what happens now. Ab to phone bhi nahin hai.

Shabana Mukhtar

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