Qismat | Episode 19 | Repetition is the theme of this episode, TOO

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Waleed comes to meet Nasir and Asiya. When Nasir says that he has kicked Soha out, Waleed says, “koi farq nahin hai aap mein aur mujh mein.”

Then bro, why are you taunting him? You have done much worse to her. Chal bhag!

So, our dude reaches Rayan’s house. Shameless, are we? Rasheda doesn’t allow her to see Soha but it gives her more reasons to insult Soha.

Soha takes it out on Waleed. Waleed is still acting like a dummy when Shafaq, his fiancé and family visit them. Ab pachhtawe kya howt, jab chidiyaan chug gayin khet.

Soha wants to move to a woman’s hostel. Shabbeer’s wise words still ring in my ears. “The world is a cruel place. Wouldn’t it be better if Soha tolerated Rasheda’s taunts instead of the outside world.”

Or something to that effect. But so true. Why doesn’t Soha understand this?

Rasheda is stuck on one thread – I want to kick Soha out of my house.

Shabbeer and Rayan are on the opposite end – we can’t let our izzat be out in the cruel world.

Rasheda meets a friend who suggests that she should get Rayan married to someone else. Aunty ji, what an idea!

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Until next time, Allah Hafiz.

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Shabana Mukhtar