Qismat | Episode 25 | Finale


Oh, come on. It is the last episode and the thumbnail image says it all – they live happily ever after.

But, let’s play along, be a good sport.

Nasir and Soha have also patched up. Now, there is only one kaanta – Rasheda.

Soha is back to her parents’ house. And, Waleed comes again to ruin their peace. Dude, would you just leave her alone? She isn’t interested in him, not anymore.

Soha says that as well. I am brilliant. I can even predict the dialogues.

After a nice showdown, Soha and Waleed are over, for good. Baccha awain sar jhuka kar chala gaya. Khas kam jahan paak.

Rayan and Shabbeer boycott Rasheda. Rasheda should have overheard Soha’s little speech about izzat and mother’s importance. It impressed me. It would have worked on her as well.

Shabbeer’s speech fixes her, though. Rayan and his family are at Soha’s place to discuss rukhsati’s date. Waleed comes unannounced, as usual, apologizes. Meh!

Palak jhapkate he is married to Shafaq, even before Rayan and Soha’s reception.

Parting Thoughts

Let’s go old school. Use bulleted list.

  • It was too rushed.
  • I hated that Waleed was given a redemption arc and everything was blamed on Qismat. He was wrong, he had wronged Soha by being too selfish and by listening to his family’s false accusations. Sab conveniently put on Qismat. I… It is too convenient.
  • The girl who plays Shafaq reminds me of the other girl in Ek Kasak Reh Gayi. What’s her name again? I will update that later. Or, you can comment below.
  • I can’t help but point out that Rahab was used only when appropriate throughout the drama.
  • Shabbeer fumbled a lot while delivering his lines. Did anyone else notice?

Overall, this drama was so freaking predictable but I didn’t hate it, not as much as I hated watching Kahin Deep Jaley. I have stopped reviewing it, in case you are wondering why TOMU doesn’t have review of latest episodes of Kahin Deep Jaley.

That’s all. I will see if there is any other interesting Sunday drama that I can review for this slot. Until then, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar