Random Reaction | Garmi | Street Dancer 3D

I heard the song first when YouTube recommended to watch a video featuring Prabhu Deva and Nora Fetehi on StarPlus channel. It was okay. Seeing the fluid dance master Prabhu Deva was a treat. Although I did wonder a bit about Nora’s costume.


Then, I watched the Muqabla 2.0 and kept watching it 3-4 time every day.


Then, the illegal weapon song featuring Shraddha Kapoor.

One thing led to other and before I could save myself from the torture, the Garmi song played.


What the hell is that? I haven’t watched the previous movies Anybody Can Dance or the sequel, just passing glances and a couple of scenes. Whatever little I have seen, the dances are impressive. It reminded me of Step Up series.

Anywho… This song and the choreography is disturbing. I want to undo, un-see what I have seen. Nora Fatehi’s pelvic thrusts against the floor are just vulgar.

It reminded me of her interview with Anupama Chopra on Film Companion (one channel that I binge on).



She defended her decision of doing item numbers. She opined that her moves are dance moves and her expressions and dance steps are never vulgar. For instance, her dance moves in Dilbar and Saki Saki are very complex dance moves. True that. But what happened now?

Shabana Mukhtar