“Paras” by Nemrah Ahmed

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This book holds a special place in my heart. It introduced me to Nimra Ahmad. and she became my favorite after the first read.

One Saturday afternoon of August 2016, I had finished my weekend stuff and had nothing to read. I asked my sister to recommend me something. She opened the pdf of Paras and handed over me the phone. I started reading, and got immersed in the story.

Nimra Ahmad surprised me. Her writing is best of both worlds, if we consider my loose definition of genres. It has romance, commitment, thrill, suspense, struggle, tragedy, drama all in one. Plus, the subtlety with which she describes the strength of the female lead, is awesome.

She does not lose grip on the plot, and the story unfolds in a consistently, one layer at a time. At the same time, she imparts bits of wisdom – this world and beyond. Sharing one of those.


Overall, a good read. I am addicted to Nemrah’s writing now. Latest being Haalim, but more on that later.

To read this in urdu, please click here.






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