Sar-e-Rah | Episode 3


The drama overall discusses the idea of embracing change and flying high by losing all the weight for the women of Pakistan.

Sar-e-Rah is an exceptionally well-written drama, which discusses the stories that are scattered all around us but unfortunately we tend to shy away from shedding some light over them. Sar-e-Rah will share the stories of women who are the victim of child marriages, girls who are being suffocated solely because of their gender, daughters who are unable to help their fathers as their honor will be at “stake” and a transgender who is being humiliated for his identity.

Writer: Adeel Razzaq

Director: Ahmed Bhatti

Sar-e-Rah Episode 3 Written Update & Review

So, Rameen invites Rania for her nikaah. And then we see their backstory.

Rameen is a social media star, a vlogger. She has been contacted by a leading Pakistani designer but she doesn’t want to work for him. She knows that she can’t be a part of showbiz because of her brother, father, khalu… I don’t really agree with what Shozaib has to say-go and live your dreams

Anywho, so we see the meeting with AMM, the famous designer Abdul Majeed Mateen. Rameen discusses her terms and conditions with him: no revealing outfits, not even sleeveless, dupatta compulsary…basically things that Saboor Ali doesn’t follow in real life

So, her family isn’t happy about her vlogging and then all shit breaks lose. The social media scandal that is the norm these days. She tells the truth about the video, dance video at Sheeba’s wedding. Even though her parents are now okay, Talal is still hellbent on getting Rameen switch off her social media accounts. I don’t agree with Rameen, but that doesn’t give Talal the right to talk to Rameen the way he di

Long story short, she is asked to delete everything. Despite this, Rameen gets a call from Maheen Khan, another designer. Now, she’s more famous. Who has done this? Shozaib? I think Amtul Begum and Shozaib might be after Rameen’s success and money

But I guess they have a happily ever after?

I am so confused

This episode starts the third story, that of a transgender. Not too thrilled for that.



This drama is aiming to address many ugly issues of our society, and I quite like that. But Rameen’s episode seemed rushed. There was so much to cover, and I thought we could have seen some more. I mean, the way her conflict was resolved was just too simple and too easy. I would have liked if the “scandal” part was delved into more depth.

That been said, I like how every episode is introducing a new character and starting a new sub-plot. I just wish we could see a conclusion to the older story. I mean, what happened to Muzna? I still have that question.

By the way, Rameen’s purple dress was hideous. Thankfully her bridal outfit was nice.


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