Shehnai | Cast and Characters


Shehnai is a new ARY Digital Drama that started airing on March 18, 2021.

Shehnai is a story of an innocent girl Bakht, who is in love with a deceitful boy Hunain. Her parents have finally selected a groom for her, which she plans to reject, and her quest to find true love continues.

Written by Radian Shah and directed by Ahmed Bhatti, this drama is a story of arranged marriage mixed with some family politics.

Bakht’s Family

Ramsha Khan as Bakht

The heroine. She likes Hunain and does crazy things to make sure that her other proposals don’t follow through. Her portrayal is quite similar to Samia from Ghisi Piti Mohabbat.

Samina Ahmad as Amma

Bakht’s grandmother. Absar, Azhar, Tooba and Munni’s mother

Javed Sheikh as Absar

Bakht’s father. He suffers from some heart ailment, a fact that is exploited frequently in the series.

Nida Mumtaz as Ambreen

Bakht’s mother

Behroz Sabzwari as Azhar

Absar’s younger brother. He is under Absar’s influence and doesn’t listen to a bad word against him.

Zainab Qayyum as Maleeha 

Azhar’s wife


Azhar’s daughter. She likes a boy but nobody knows yet.

Salma Hassan as Tooba 

Absar and Azhar’s sister

Saleem Mairaj as Kifayat

Tooab’s husband

Javeria Abbasi as Munni

The youngest sibling. She is married but since she did not finish her studies, she is yet to be sent-off to her husband’s house. We don’t know about the husband, yet.


Tooba and Kifayat’s daughter. She falls for Rafey.

Umer Aalam as Ahsan 

Tooba and Kifayat’s son. He likes Bakht initially, but later falls for Saima.

Naima Khan as Saiqa

Bakht’s aunt, Saima’s mother

Marium Noor as Saima 

Bakht’s cousin. She falls in love with Hassan even though the odds are against them.


Meerab’s Family

Affan Waheed as Meerab

Our hero. He works in London and is back to Pakistan for his wedding. He likes Samreen, his colleague, though. And, he is just as reluctant to marry Bakht.

Shehryar Zaidi as Zubair

Meerab’s father

Nabeela Khan  as Mrs Zubair

Meerab’s mother

Anum Tanveer as Beena

Meerab’s sister

Umer Iqbal


Hammad Shoaib as Hunain

Bakht’s love interest. He takes all the gifts from Bakht. When it comes to marry her, he ditches her and marries a rich girl.

Arsalan Faisal as Rafey

Meerab’s friend. Later, he falls in love with Beenish

Maham Amir as Samreen

Meerab’s love interest. Mean, evil, plotting, snob of a woman.


The house help. He pries on things and sells the information to Kifayat.


The house help and Shams’ love interest. She is loyal to the girls and doesn’t like the fact that Shams acts like a lowly khabri.

Alright, that covers them all. Soon, I will post the episode wise reviews