Shehnai | Episode 26 | Final Episode | Thanks goodness it’s over!!!

Yeah, finale episode. I’ve been waiting for this for the past twenty three episodes.

Written update and review and rant and whatever

If you’ve watched the first three episodes and then didn’t watch any episode until now, you will still get the story. You aren’t missing anything. The story has not progressed AT ALL. In the third episode, Bakht and Meerab was about to get married. In this episode, they are about to get married. One of the longest marriages EVER.

Kifayat and Tooba talk to Bakht. And, for once, Bakht listens to reasons. *rolling eyes* 

And, in the next scene, she’s abducted. Hunain also slaps her. Hammad Shoaib should really stop doing such negative roles. He played Nabeel in Deewar-e-Shab, and this. 

She’s found as easily as she’s abducted. Kya drama hai yaar. We’ve seen unnecessary plot points (Samreen, shadi hogi nahin hogi, Tooba and Saiqa’s tiff) dragged for episodes, and this scene got over in a few minutes. Kya drama hai?

And… And… Bakht tells everything to everyone. It was something that the whole drama was based on-that Bakht can’t hurt her Baba and her family. Ab sab bol diya. Pehle hi bol diya hota toh we would have saved like 18 episode. 

Kaffi also accepts his mistake.  

There’s one thing that comes to mind after the finale – thank goodness it’s over!