Thora Sa Haq | Episode 11 | Zamin and Hareem Are Married

Let’s review 11th episode of Thora Sa Haq.


So, Zamin wants to talk to Hareem before he says “qubool hai”.

Instead of being tense and upset, Rabia declares to Munazza that she will never forgive her or Zamin.

What mothers think and talk like that? When Waqar died, Munazza was worried that Iftekhar and Rabia should not kick her out of that house. And now, the wedding scene is ruined but Rabia is…


The confrontation between Zamin and Hareem is very much predictable and he does tell her about his nikaah with Seher. For the first time Mashal’s acting has impressed me. I mean, I don’t have enough words to praise her.

They do get married, and Seher looks hopeful until last minute that he would stop.

The story has just gotten interesting.

Later, Hareem insists that he divorced Seher, because he doesn’t love her. She then kicks him out of her room. I have a question. Why was he in her room? Shouldn’t she have moved to his room? Hareem is mourning this in her room and Rafey comes to rub salt on her wounds. By the way, Mashal’s acting bordered on hamming in the later part of the episode.

In Seher’s room, Zamin and Seher are both taking the blame of the whole situation.

Zamin: meri ghalti hai.
Seher: Nahin, meri ghalti hai.

Like that joke “pehle aap… Pehle aap…”

Rafey has no work except talking shit to Hareem and Seher. After poisoning Hareem’s thoughts, he blames Seher has a loose character. Seher replies with a slap. Well done, Seher.

That’s my take on this episode. Don’t forget to read Yeh Dil Mera Episode 10. We learn a lot about Amaan in this episode.

Shabana Mukhtar