Thora Sa Haq | Episode 19

Let’s review 19th episode of Thora Sa Haq. 

Rafey is tasked to find out more about Seher’s whereabouts. On the other hand, Zamin is looking for a posh house. He has a saving of 8 lakhs. Yeah, because that’s going to last forever. *Facepalm*

Zamin’s friend asks him to find a job asap, and he does but his new boss wants to bring clients from his previous job. Ah, this world is full of selfish people.

Munazza calls Zamin, informs him about Hareem’s sickness but our dude is hell bent on living with Seher. He then meets Seher and Seher, under the influence of Hareem’s poisonous words, refuses to go with him. I am all for a girl who stands up for herself but Seher is taking it too far. Thodi lachak banti hai.

Seher is ready to hand over her entire salary to khalu. Thankfully, Shamsa suggests that she saves some for herself. Probation excuse works well.

Shamsa is the only character who thinks straight and is logical. Everybody else is just a confused mess.

Just when there is a hope that she’ll agree, a man snatches her purse. Zamin follows him and is surrounded by goons who beat him crazy.

These men, mind you, are hired by Rabia. Who would do this to son-in-law? Crazy woman!

Rabia later realizes her mistake and she blames it on Rafey: why didn’t you stop me?

Bhai waah!

And yet, Rabia’s main concern is that nobody should know about her involvement in the whole matter.

Munazza overhears it. She confronts Rabia.

Seher is in a big dilemma. Ten thousand from the salary covered the initial expense. Aage ka kya hoga?

That’s the review. How did you like this episode?

You can see that I am not too keen on reviewing this drama because… It is not interesting anymore. I wrote this review because I am committed to finish it till the finale.

Shabana Mukhtar