Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 27

Let’s review episode 27.

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


This episode begins as Nargis Bua is worried about Aina and Naushaba is worried about her. Poor Nargis Bua doesn’t know the shit Mir Farooq is dealing with. I don’t understand why she is insistent on meeting Farooq and for informing him about the impending doom. Shouldn’t she be more worried about Aina.

As I predicted, we see the last few bit of flashbacks. Humaira bids adieu to Nilofer, leaving Nilofer upset. She writes a letter to her father, the same letter that Farhana has now found.

Question: why is this scene party B&W?

Nemat, of the servants comes to inform Nilo and Nargis Bua about the accident. Nilo falls sick, and later overhears Ali Bakhsh and Farooq discussing the murder. We know that she will escape the house that night.

Cut to present, Aina wakes up after the same nightmare. Aman looks after her, as always and Aina is all cold and uncaring. She prays to know the truth of those nightmares. Let’s see what next episode brings.


As I said earlier, I am bored of this drama. It started with a a romantic suspense but it has dragged too long and killed the romance; no suspense left; and a painful wait for THE END.

The only thing that will surprise me is if Aman’s planning was for nothing; and if Farooq had nothing to do with his parents’ murder. I know it is far fetched but what if it is all Aman’s imagination? Remember “A Beautiful Mind”? John Nash’s hallucinations are so real, right?

I digress. So, Farooq ain’t no saint. He is involved in far too many murders and evil deeds to prove his awul nature. It could all be a farce. Just saying.

I admit, expecting any twist at this point may isn’t wise. Let’s wait another week.


Shabana Mukhtar