Yeh Dil Mera: Episode 3: Harrasment Indeed, But A Different Kind

The third episode of Yeh Dil Mera adds more to our curiosity, while also giving a hint about how the plot may shape up in future. Here is my review for the same. Please read the review of first episode and second episode.


This episode begins as the four of them are chilling out after the golf course. Farooq seems impressed with Amaan. 


On the way back, Aina complains that he forbade her from drinking cold water in front of a stranger. Ah, excuse me. He isn’t a stranger. He knows you more than you know. And, you have been curious about him, as well. Anywho. 

Her aunt Farhana calls and they talk briefly, about how Aina resembles Neelo. Neelo, was Aina’s mother. Can’t wait to see Mira Sethi on screen.


That night, she stalks him on social media and he sends her a friend request.

Question: how come she’s allowed to use the laptop etc now?

Amaan is shown to be a hard working team player and a terrific boss.


This scene is without dialogues and is fast paced… I would have loved to see the business part of it more. But, as we all can see, the story’s focus is on the love story and the mystery around Aina’s dream.

So, Aina convinces Farooq to apply for an internship, with Amaan’s firm. Although, Farooq is planning for a US trip.

Farooq calls the doctor and informs him about her tremendous progress in recovering from the trauma about her nightmare. The doctor also tells him that he should let her be and her confidence in her will help her beat her daemons.

Amaan asks explicitly for a list of shortlisted mechanical engineering students, and insists on interviewing all of them by himself. Obviously!!!

The famous “workplace harassment” scene is part of this episode. She is dressed up to impress him. That’s why I had included the reception comment in my previous post.

Her classmate is stressed that the CEO himself is conducting the interview but she is confident that she will be selected. Obviously!!! Roll eyes, face palm.


The  interview begins.

Aina tries to introduce herself. “I am…” Amaan interrupts her and says:

یہ جو میں ہوتی ہے انسان کو آگے نہیں جانے دیتی۔

Right, sir.

For all those who were bickering about workplace harassment after seeing the teaser, the scene is different. He roasts her by asking tough questions and then suddenly switches gear and asks her about her choices in food. Then, he talks in twisted words – it could either mean he is a strict boss or that he is flirting with her.

اب تک انٹرویو میں میں پسند آیا ہوں آپ کو؟

Yes, that’s harassment! But, a different kind.

They both dissect each others personality, hoping to decipher the person they are. If you ask me, they both have psychological issues. One has suppressed memories from childhood while the other one remembers them too well and acts like a weirdo.

She bends down to pick her stuff and be leaves. JUST.LIKE.THAT.

Farooq is angry that they didn’t get clearance for one of their tonics. The board decides to stop the manufacturing and he seems to agree. But only on the surface. I am sure he is plotting to FIX it.

Ali Bakhsh offers to fix the things for him, asserting his loyalty for his boss.
Farooq goes to Karachi to meet his wife. This happens and the episode ends right after.

I have a sense where this is going. I have plans to post about my gut feeling. It is fun to anticipate, isn’t it?

What do you think of this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar