Episode 6 – Aadat : Nescafe Basement Season 5


This review is an opinion of a music listener. I have no musical background or technical expertise. If anybody disagrees with anything in this post… well, they will have to live with it. I can’t help them 🙂

The Song

The melody that has ruled the hearts of billions all over the world, Aadat marks its 15 years of love and adoration from its fans and listeners with our instrumental and orchestral take on it. Watch and listen as we take you on a nostalgic trip featuring the one and only Goher Mumtaz.


Performed and Recorded Live
Vocals & Guitars: Goher Mumtaz
Electric Guitar: Adil Azhar Bhatty, Hasan Zafar, Sherry Khattak
Acoustic Guitar: Haroon Leo, Melvin Arthur
Classical Guitar: Sulaeyman Khan
Bass Guitar: Waleed Attique
Mandolin: Muzamil Hussain
Sitar: Muhammad Effendi
Saxophone: Aadesh Kumar
Saxophone: Joshua Gill
Synth & Keys: Rafay Siddiqui
Piano: Asad Ali
Lead Violin: Sharoon Leo
Violin: Muhammad Fahad
Violin: Haider Ali
Flute: Dawood
Rubab: Wajahat Shah
Sarangi: Zohaib Hasan
Percussions: Veeru Shan
Drums: Bilawal Lahooti

Nescafe Basement Season 5 | AADAT INSTRUMENTAL | Episode 6| 2019



‘Aadat’ song spells nostalgia. The first job, the first time away from home, the first salary, and longs working hours in office on weekdays and weekends – everything comes rushing back when I hear this song.

This was an instrumental rendition of the song. I must say it was not as effective as the one with lyrics. I listened to the song especially since I have learned the history of the band, especially the current interview of Gohar Mumtaz with Sameena Peerzada made me think that I should know the band more.

The song was slow and lacked the soothing factor and the dhinchak factor, both. I mean, the song should either relax you or pump you up. It did nothing.

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Happy work week to all!

Shabana Mukhtar