Velo Sound Station | Te Quiero Mucho | Aima Baig


Singers: Aima Baig

Song Producer: Ahsan Parvaiz

Composition: Bilal Maqsood

Lyrics: Anwar Maqsood

Executive Producer: Bilal Maqsood


Original composition, and what a lovely mix of Urdu and Spanish.

Te Quiero Mucho means “I love you” in spanish.

I don’t like Aima’s interview personality but she is a terrific performer and never fails to impress. This song feel unique because she has performed several duets in Coke Studio. Seeing her perform solo is refreshing.

Aima has a very sensual voice and the composition suited her style. I just feel she did not have to bring those expression on her face. She had nailed the song even without that, too.

You can watch the video on Velo Sound Station Channel on YouTube.

Until next post, stay home and stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar