Coke Studio Season 13 | Yaqeen | Wajiha Naqvi


Listen to this modern raga rock track as Wajiha Naqvi takes you on a journey of self-belief.

Produced by: Rohail Hyatt

Lyrics: Wajiha Naqvi

Composer: Wajiha Naqvi; Zara Madani (tarana)

Arranged by: Rohail Hyatt

Lead Singers: Wajiha Naqvi

Backing Vocalists: Nimra Rafiq, Kumail Jaffery, Shahab Hussain, Zara Madani

Drums: Volkan Öktem (Turkey)

Electric Guitar: Asad Ahmed

Acoustic Guitar: Rohail Hyatt

Bass Guitar: Kamran “Mannu” Zafar

Sitar: Shehroze Hussain

Rabab: Nawazish Nasri

Percussions: Abier “Veeru” Shan

Eastern Percussions: Babar Khanna

Keyboards: Goran Antović (Serbia), Rohail Hyatt

Bell, Ghungroo & Tinchu Percussion: Siddhartha Maharjan (Kutumba, Nepal)


What a calming song it was!
I saw Wajiha Naqvi in Na Tutteya Ve. I loved her voice and I particularly liked her expressions.
The lyrics are so powerful; I had goosebumps, and not just because it is 9 degrees celcius.
Just one problem with this song – Q and Kh pronunciations are interchanged in a couple places.
This song reminded me of the previous season’s Main Aurat Hoon. Anyone else?

Until next episode, what are you planning to do? Read some books, ya.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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