Telefilm Review: Dilnaz Naseeb Wali

  Telefilm Details Title: Dilnaz Naseeb Wali Channel: HUM TV Cast: Bushra Ansari, Ashraf Khan, Faraz Farooqui, Hammad Farooqi, Nimrah Khan Review The story of this telefilm is tiny, the execution is elaborated with a series of incidents that are supposed to be funny. Dilnaz (Bushra Ansari) is a widow who runs the household by…

Telefilm Review: Help Me, Durdana

  Telefilm Details Title: Help Me, Durdana Channel: ARY Digital Written By: Saba Naseem Directed by: Aabis Raza Cast: Ushna Shah, Yasir Hussain, Mehmood Aslam Review It is the most cliched and painstakingly slapstick comedy movie. I liked Yasir Hussain and how his acting put an interesting twist to seemingly average story. This one, did NOT….