Telefilm Review: Help Me, Durdana


Telefilm Details

Title: Help Me, Durdana

Channel: ARY Digital

Written By: Saba Naseem

Directed by: Aabis Raza

Cast: Ushna Shah, Yasir Hussain, Mehmood Aslam


It is the most cliched and painstakingly slapstick comedy movie.

I liked Yasir Hussain and how his acting put an interesting twist to seemingly average story.

This one, did NOT.

Dino (Yasir Hussain) likes a rich girl Maheen (Ushna Shah). Maheen’s father (Mehmood Aslam) is a loud father who dictates his daughter about her life choices and wants her to marry a guy of his choice.

Maheen tells her father about Dino and cooks up a lie that he has a widowed mother. Dino and his friend come up with a plan to disguise of his own rich mother. Maheen’s father starts liking him as Durdana. The situational comedy fails to tickle your funny bones as the scenes are old and played out.

Of course, it has a happy ending

What did not work

Over the top loud dialogues & overacting

Overly troped characters (loud father, flirting mother, bhulakkad servant) and plot devices used.

If you still want to watch it, then this is the link.



Overall rating: 1.5/5 stars

Shabana Mukhtar

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