This is an unpaid book promotion of Romantic Guerrilla is about a bad-boy entrepreneur taking on a corrupt billionaire in contemporary India on author request. I don’t believe in paid promotions. If you’re an indie author and want me to post about it, please don’t hesitate and shoot me an email with details. Cheers!

Book Promo: To Each His Own by River Ames

To Each His Own by River Ames When the past and present collide Widower, Matthew Hollister, returns to the small Idaho town of Banner’s Point where he grew up, hoping to provide a wholesome environment for his son. Matthew’s plans didn’t include Brian starting a feud with the son of elementary school Principal, Grace Banner….

Book Promo: Bobby and the Monsters By Marie Blair

Bobby and the Monsters By Marie Blair “Bobby,” Mom said, “it’s time to sleep and dream of things that are nice — kittens and puppies, new toys, ice cream, and pie, but just one slice!” “But, Mom, I’m scared to go to sleep, monsters are here every day. One always makes a lot of noise…