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Title: Romantic Guerrilla – A battle between a bad boy entrepreneur and a corrupt billionaire in contemporary India

Length: 325 pages

Published: 1 January, 2020 (Happy New Year)

Price: INR 99 

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Romantic Guerrilla is about a bad-boy entrepreneur taking on a corrupt billionaire. Subash Bodhi runs the show in style at Guerrilla, an energy drink startup in Bangalore. He gets into a power struggle with a billionaire investor Prakash Bhasani, who is the heir of family-run Bhasani group. As the power battle escalates, he is kicked out of his startup and comes back for justice with a guerrilla army to humiliate Bhasani group and Bhasani family, using social, political and system hacks.

Romantic Guerrilla is a satirical and nihilistic novel with commercial elements. This anarchistic novel is set in contemporary and urban India featuring a love triangle, Deepfake video and a stock market crash that is triggered by our urban guerrilla army. Its episodic narrative is comparable to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, Jordan Belfort’s Wolf of Wall Street and Vikas Swarup’s Q&A (Slumdog Millionaire).

Main Characters:

Subash – Bad boy Entrepreneur
Rohan – co-founder of Guerrilla
Prakash – Corrupt Billionaire
Mohini – Call Girl
Yasheena – Pop Star (Billionaire Prakash’s sister)
Vijay – Hacker
Arjun – MMA Fighter

Novel Setup:

SUBASH is a dropout who hates rules and doesn’t suck up to investors. He and his co-founder ROHAN of Guerrilla Energy aren’t happy when Bhasani group, a family-run corrupt conglomerate from Mumbai, acquires a controlling stake. He makes it clear to PRAKASH, billionaire heir of Bhasani group, that he wants to retain the startup culture instead of ending up as another Bhasani group company. He is insulted for wearing unbranded apparel and riding city buses by Prakash, who brags about his designer suits and imported cars. Later, Subash and Rohan insult and reject a strategy consultant sent by Prakash to run Guerrilla and this kick starts a power struggle.

One night, Subash meets MOHINI, a call girl, and has paid sex with her. He falls for her and recruits her for an executive role at Guerrilla by manipulating the hiring process. He is unaware that Prakash is spying on him and plotting against him. Eventually, he is accused of financial irregularities, mismanagement and indiscipline. In a meeting, he slaps Prakash for framing false accusations against him and making lewd comments about Mohini. He and Rohan are kicked out of Guerrilla after a board vote. Later, he gets battered by Bhasani hired thugs and Mohini is fired from Guerrilla.

After five years, Subash is working for a film production company and dragging through life. He visits VIJAY, a student serving a jail sentence for hacking Bhasani mobile customer database. After meeting Vijay, he realizes there are many Bhasani victims out there. He tracks down ARJUN, a struggling mixed martial arts fighter and brother of a laborer who died at a Bhasani chicken plant and received no compensation. He convinces Vijay, Arjun, Rohan and Mohini to team up for a secret operation code named ‘Battle of Bombay’ to humiliate the Bhasani group and family.

Read Romantic Guerrilla to find Out:

What social, political, and system hacks do Subash and his guerrilla army employ to beat the corrupt billionaire?
How does Subash seduce and win the confidence of the pop star Yasheena?
Why and how does Subash and his army screw up a business school convocation?
Why do the trio of Subash, Yasheena and Mohini get naked and play a round robin ping-pong game?
How and why does Subash ruin Prakash’s Big Fat Indian Wedding?
How does our guerrilla team trigger the Bhasani Industries stock crash?
Will Subash and his army retain their sanity and survive Battle of Bombay that becomes political in the end?

Novel Word Count: 65,000 words. First person narration by Subash throughout the novel.

Author Profile

DS Kumar loves music, movies, books and sports. He likes to write experimental and satirical books that are rooted in reality. For him, psychology and philosophy of the characters is more important than the setting of the scene. Fyodor Dostoevsky, Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, Mulk Raj Anand, Irvine Welsh, and Chuck Palahniuk are few of his favorite writers. His debut novel Romantic Guerrilla is available on Amazon worldwide.
Follow him on Twitter (@dskbooks123) and Instagram (dskbooks123).

My Thoughts

The cover is killer (and it is red). The synopsis of the books is intriguing and interesting. I would love to read the book, once it is out.

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