Asma Al Husna | #4 | Al-Quddus

Al-Quddus – The Holy One

Al-Quddus is one of the names of Allah in Islam, mentioned in the Quran several times. It is derived from the Arabic root “quds,” which means holy, pure, and sacred. The name Al-Quddus refers to Allah’s role as the Holy One.

Meaning of Al-Quddus

The name Al-Quddus means “The Holy One,” and it highlights Allah’s purity, sanctity, and perfection. It represents the idea that Allah is completely free from any flaws, defects, or imperfections, and that He is the ultimate source of holiness and purity.

Attributes and Qualities

As the name suggests, Al-Quddus highlights the attribute of Allah’s holiness and purity. It emphasizes that Allah is completely free from any impurities or flaws, and that He is the ultimate source of perfection.

Another attribute of Al-Quddus is that of sacredness. As believers, we are reminded to revere and honor Allah’s name, and to approach Him with the utmost respect and humility. This attribute is associated with the concept of worship, as believers recognize that Allah is the only one worthy of our worship and devotion.

The Quranic Phrase “Subhan Allahi Al-Quddus”

The name Al-Quddus is often paired with the phrase “Subhan Allahi Al-Quddus,” which means “Glory be to Allah, the Holy One.” This phrase emphasizes that Allah is the ultimate source of glory, honor, and perfection, and that believers should praise and glorify Him for His holiness and purity.


In summary, Al-Quddus is a name of Allah that represents His role as the Holy One. It is a reminder of Allah’s purity, sanctity, and perfection, and the importance of approaching Him with the utmost respect and reverence. As believers, we must recognize Allah’s holiness and purity, and strive to worship Him with sincerity and devotion. May Allah, Al-Quddus, guide us on the path of righteousness and grant us His mercy and forgiveness.



I have been meaning to learn about Asma Al Husna for ages, and now I just got the time and the guide. Sharing it for those who are in the same boat as me. Remember me in your prayers.

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