Qaza-e-Umri Tracker


For a while now, I’ve been mulling over a Qaza-e-Umri tracker. I even started building an Android app for the same. However, that takes time. The app was almost ready, but then I took a hiatus. I haven’t gotten time to look at it ever since I came back.

But the thought has been nagging me, still. This time, I resorted to plain ol’ spreadsheet to do the things for me.

We all know that Qaza-e-Umri is a debt on us. Every salat that we have missed, one should not only repent but also offer qaza for that missed prayers. Several fatawa are present to establish the need for Qaza-e-Umri.

My Personal Tracker

You can click here and access the webpage to keep your own track of qaza-e-Umri.

Note: This data is only for reference. This isn’t my personal data.

Remember me in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar