Lesson of the Day | Lesson #4 | Patience


The last haq of Imaan is Sabr. It is mentioned 91 times in Quran. Patience is in these four areas.

  • Patience in Ibadah
  • Patience in Avoiding Sins
  • Patience in Test and Trials
  • Patience in Dealing with People

There are etiquettes of observing patience. For intance, Ibadah patience is in getting up for namaz, preparing, actually doing. The etiquette for patience in dealing with people is to ignore and let go of what people say to you, about you, be patient.

The outcome of being peasant is pleasure and joy, a sense of relief and calm.


Mohammad Ali’s (Youth Club) talk on “Patience”

My Take

Patience is a virtue I wish I had. Reading to literature about patience and listening to people preach about the virtues of Patience makes my resolve stronger-the resolve to be more patient and forgiving. I want to be more patient because Allah SWT is As-Sabuur (The Extensively Enduring One) and Al-Ghafoor (All-Forgiving).


Shabana Mukhtar