Umrah Diaries | Day 15

27th January 2020

We offered Fajr at room. It was too late to go to masjid.

Today, we have planned to spend some time at Al Masjid Al Nabawi. It is our last day here at Madina. We start tomorrow morning for Jeddah.

After Breakfast, we took a cab to Quba. It was funny to fit the wheelchair in the boot space. I felt extra emotional while offering prayer at Quba. This is my last Umrah, in this trip.

On the way back, we took the  shared cab. The cabbie was kind enough to drop us back at Jannat UL Baqee, instead of the usual Gate 6 drop.

We weren’t in any rush. So, we watched everything in detail, slowly, taking in the surroundings. My sister and I sat in front of Gumbad-e-Khizra while dad and Shakeeb went to offer salaam one more time. Women have time restrictions, men don’t. Lucky!

After an hour or so, dad said that he’d stay back till Zohr. Shakeeb and I took my sister to the hotel to drop her and came back to Masjid for afternoon prayers.

Post lunch, we went for shopping again – our last shopping spree. Shakeeb and I also walked around, watching other gates. So, in all, I have seen from Gate 1 through 18. And, I briefly went to gate 29 in my attempt to offer salaam. Still haven’t seen much.

Shabana Mukhtar