A new species

These days, I frequently observe in youngsters and elders alike, that everybody has become a show-off. Everything they wear, and everything they do is to seek attention, to try to impress.

I wait for my office pick-up near a bus stop. I am punctual, and the bus is generally not (thanks to the traffic). It gives me some time to observe the people around me. People eating breakfast on a roadside stall, people driving two-wheelers (some on wrong side as well) and four-wheelers.

The teenage boys wroom on their bikes. When they walk, their arms are a little stretched on the side, as if they are widening their frame. Their backs are stiff, as if to gain some extra height. They don’t walk, they stomp.

Teenage girls walk by, wearing very tight pants; equally fitted top, to the points of being suffocating; their backs arched due to over-stretching their body, as if they are walking on the ramp. They would walk just a centimeter away from you, as if they will walk through you. Sometimes they do. Not through, but they collide with people.

Middle aged men (I really do not want to call them gentlemen), pompously talking about their argument and how awesome they were at that. Or just saying anything, so loud that people will have to turn their head and notice them.

And the women, they own everything that is in sight.

I understand, that they all do what they do to get noticed, to seek attention, to show off. What I do not understand, what is it that they are trying to show off? Is everybody just following what they see around them? Do they really know what they are doing?

I wonder about these questions for a good 4-5 minutes. Then I board my bus and meet another set of strutting species. And so it continues.

via daily prompt