A retrospective: 2018 as a reader

Time to recap the year 2018 – the year that unravelled my creative side.

This post is like fitting 365 days and a million stories in one post. I am really trying to keep it short.

I discovered the world of GoodReads, got addicted, and here’s a sneak peek of my addiction.


I like reading.

I have no idea how many books I read. There are some other books that I could not find on GR. Others I just read and forget to review. I am too lazy to add them to GR.

It has been a very bibliophile year. Some of the notable books are listed below, in no particular order

  • The Harry Potter Series – The gem I had been missing all these years
  • The Hunger Games – Book 1
  • Aangan

Looking forward to in 2019

Alif by Umera Ahmad

Haalim by Nemrah Ahmad

More to come in the 2018 retrospective.

Shabana Mukhtar