A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w05

Be nice, be kind, be considerate.

  • Shabana Mukhtar

Hello again and welcome to my world!

How have you been?

This is time for a recap of my week.

First off, I want to take a moment and thank every visitor on my blog. Your time is appreciated 🙂

My Office:

Nothing significant. Same old routine. My stomach is not well and I am coughing like a seventy year old. I still came to work on all five days. I am such a tough person.

My Writing:

I am working on a YA novella, as I announced in other blog posts here and here. I have decided to slow down a bit and spend more time in doing crafty bits.

My Reading:

I have read a few more books – most of them are reviewed on GR. I have posted about A Bus Ride here on the blog. I hope people find the reviews helpful. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ if you do 🙂

Looking forward to a weekend to relax.