A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w09

When you want a pastry, or saltines, or fries – just eat it. You can worry about the calories later.

  • Shabana Mukhtar

Hello again and welcome to my world!

How have you been?

This is time for a recap of my week.

First off, I want to take a moment and thank every visitor on my blog. Your time is appreciated 🙂

My Office:

I don’t want to crib, but office is a lot of pressure these days.

My Writing:

As I mentioned the last week, the only writing I do is book reviews and blog posts. And writing code at office. I know that doesn’t count. But I write.

My Reading:

I finished reviewing one book from my ‘review on request’ pile.

Syrian Brides: A lovely collection of short stories. all the stories are based in Syria. It wasn’t just about the perfectly delicious stories; but also an insight into a different culture. You can read more here.

DareDreamers: The plot had some tropes in the beginning, but then it got really original and unique. You can read more here.

There are some other requests pending. I will get to it later. I am about to reach home in a few minutes. I hope I get some sleep over the weekend.


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