A retrospective: The year that was – 2018

Time to recap the year 2018 – the year that unravelled my creative side.

This post is like fitting 365 days and a million stories in one post. I am really trying to keep it short.

The journey always begins in December.

I mean, I remember I was actively writing down the first draft of the first story in December 2017. I published in April 2018. The year has passed so quickly.

I lived life like I have never lived before. It’s the best time to be.

I blogged and here is my year as a blogger.

I wrote fiction and here is my year as a writer.

I reviewed and here is my year as a reviewer.

I read and here is my year as a reader.

I watched dramas and movies.

I doubted.

But I am still here.

Let’s bring in 2019 with more positivity and more peace. Let’s be more considerate and more tolerant.

Happy New Year!

Shabana Mukhtar