A retrospective: 2018 as a blogger

I have realized that perseverance and determination is must, if you want to be successful. The same applies to blogging.

In 2017, I was blogging less and checking the stats more often.

Now, I just blog. The time I use to spend on checking stats of my blog and compare it with others, is now spend on writing more, and a million other things I have involved myself into.

Lesson 1: Don’t worry about the stats.

By the way, I have 100 followers now, FINALLY.

Lesson 2: Tag.

Whatever you post, it should be searchable. So, tag your post, as many as you can.

And where did it get me?


The stats still don’t say that I am a successful blogger. I just want to highlight the fact that I have come a long way.

That ends the retrospection and the introspection begins now. See you next week.

Happy New Year!

Let’s bring in 2019 with more positivity and more peace.

Shabana Mukhtar