A retrospective: 2018 as a writer

Time to recap the year 2018 – the year that unravelled my creative side.

This post is like fitting 365 days and a million stories in one post. I am really trying to keep it short.


Where do I begin and where do I end?

Let’s begin with December 2017 and end on December 2018.

The journey always begins in December.

I mean, I remember I was actively writing down the first draft of the first story I published in December 2017. The year has passed so quickly.

Before you wonder how I managed to write those many books, let me clarify that for you.

I have been writing for a while. Once I discovered the KDP, I just gathered all my courage and published it.

80% of these books are short stories. Go ahead – read ’em and review.



Looking forward to in 2019

So much more. This year is going to be madness. The story that I keep talking about – the one which prompted me to write and become an author – that’s coming in 2019. Insha’allah.

Best of luck to me and a happy new year 🙂

Let’s bring in 2019 with more positivity and more peace.

Shabana Mukhtar