A retrospective: 2018 as a reviewer

Time to recap the year 2018 – the year that unravelled my creative side.

This post is like fitting 365 days and a million stories in one post. I am really trying to keep it short.


I read a lot this year.

Since I read more, I reviewed more. That got me noticed in the writing fraternity.

As my services are free, I was swamped by review requests. I obliged. I don’t do review swap – cuz nobody offered it.

Anyways, I reviewed a lot, too.


I am looking forward to reviewing more books and dramas.

Looking forward to in 2019

Alif by Umera Ahmad

Haalim by Nemrah Ahmad

The dramas

Suno Chanda


Dil Mom Ka Diya


Kara Para Ask

Looking forward to Aangan (Hum TV), but I will watch it only after it has completed all the episodes. I have already read the novel by Khadija Mastoor. Strangely, my reason to watch the show would be Israr Miyan (Noman Hassan). He is my favourite character.


Shabana Mukhtar