An offsite trip

Every year, the company I work with plans for an offsite. They choose a nice venue, mostly beaches and plan for a two-day trip, all expense paid by the company.

Yes, it is one of those awesome things that my company offers. I never said it is all bad 😉

Software engineers do get a few perks to cheer them up.

This time, I registered. I thought  it will be nice to  have a day to relax and perhaps walk on the white sandy beach.

My journey began around 5:15 on Friday morning. I got up and ready, and walked to the main road to get a rickshaw.

My city is waking up


The bus was ready. We started on time. Sandwiches were served en-route. After a six hours long journey, we reached the resort.

Our bus

We had half an hour to get ready for lunch. Lunch was okay. There were some team games at the beach. Games were okay, beach was nice. But not as nice as I had remembered it to be.

The games were exhausting. We had a party from 7:30 onwards, which I didn’t attend – it is primarily for booze and dance and I don’t do either. I stayed in the room and enjoyed the green, tranquil, quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the resort.

Next day, after checkout, we waited at the reception. The return trip was scheduled after lunch.


And it took 8 hours to reach home. Tired!

Aside from the fact that there was no internet, everything was fine. In fact, I think even the missing internet was a good thing. It was fun to stay in bed, and do nothing.

And now I am back. I have a lot to catch up. My writing didn’t progress much, but I have returned with some more ideas 😀

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