Being (Un)grateful

I’m feeling a tad bit better. My vision is no more blurry. My itching and twitching  persists. I often feel that my body fixtures are misplaced. That my arm should probably be rotated three degrees clockwise. Or my fingers should be more together. Know what I’m saying?

Anyway. In this fit of feeling creepy and vulnerable, I start to get increasingly picky. There are two things that I concluded in recent fussy-phase.

I feel that, of late people have started to take others for granted, too frequently. They are not grateful for anything. Somebody cooks for you, does laundry and dishes for you, cleans your house and you just don’t give a damn. You feel it is your birth right that people do stuff for you. And, to top it all you also show tantrums.

And if God forbid, your tasks are not done by others, when you expect it, or the way you expect it; you get crazy. People have become intolerant.

Perhaps, my returning to the blog to express my opinion also means that I’m ungrateful, intolerant.

Ah, hypocrisy!


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  3. And true? 😉

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    This is great.

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