Book Preview: The Farewell Gift

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Three people became friends when they came to Sheffield, UK. During their three months’ stay, they become inseparable.
A tiny tale, that narrates the last working day of one of them – the farewell day. What happens when the friendly teasing is overstretched?

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The Farewell Gift


“Yes, be there in five.”

She said and hung up the phone. She was almost ready. It would be more than five minutes before she left, let alone meet for the rendezvous in five minutes. She, however, had learned the hard way that being late was fashionable.

She admired her reflection in the mirror. She found herself ‘sexy’ and her friends laughed at her.

“How can you find yourself sexy?” They would ask.

“Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I see myself as beautiful.”

“That just can’t be. You can’t see yourself as others see you.” They would counter.

“Maybe I can.”

But that argument was never settled. She had learned to keep her admiration of self, to self. Just as she did right now. She wore a beige cotton shirt, a maroon coloured light pullover, and black denim. The pullover hugged her in all the right places. The denim was from Levi’s slim-fit range and fit her snuggly, highlighting her curves in most delicious manner.

“Alright now. Get going.”

She murmured. Stuffing her keys, wallet, and phone in a small sling bag, she checked herself in the mirror once again. She put her sneakers on and locked the door. As she walked past the hallway she looked lovingly at the walls, the lights, the closed doors of other apartments. A few more hours. She thought and felt a pang of sadness inside.

Word Count: 2279

Read time: 15 minutes


If you’re interested in getting a free pdf to review, please email me, or IM me on Goodreads or Facebook.

Shabana Mukhtar

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