Book Review: Chacha Chaudhary Digest 4 By Pran Kumar Sharma

Chacha Chaudhary’s comic books are one of the fondest memories from my childhood. I guess that applies to all of us in India.

Recently, I was hit by a strong sense of nostalgia. I recalled the books I read, the games I played and the food items I ate as a kid. I googled, as I always do and found that these comics are available on Kindle. That’s when I found that these comics are also available in other languages. I have read them in Hindi, just so you know. In this post, I am reviewing Digest 4. More to come, I promise.


Every dictator is a bit foolish. Nice line.

A neighbouring country is ruled by a dictator who doesn’t hesitate to kill his own people. The authorities of India decide to send Chacha Chaudhary as a delegate to have a discussion with him. Rotanda the dictator throws Chacha Chaudhary into jail. Sabu gets suspicious and breaks in. On the other side, Chacha Chaudhary breaks out of the jail as the rods are far apart. Together, they capture Rotanda and hand him over to the people to do justice to him.


A Gabbar looking goon Dhamaka Singh hires a war veteran Jaxy to kill Chacha Chaudhary. Jaxy blows up one truck just to demonstrate what he has planned for Chacha Chaudhary. Then, he puts up the landmines in a different location. Dhamaka Singh sends one guy to provoke Chacha Chaudhary to come out on his truck. As luck would have it, Dhamaka Singh’s girlfriend decides to meet him.



We see Chacha Chaudhary busy on his computer, using Facebook. Who doesn’t do that, right?

There’s a light moment between Chacha Chaudhary and his wife Bini Chachi. As they argue, the computer crashes and Chacha Chaudhary goes out for a walk. He finds out that a man is stealing his truck Dagdag. But then, he gets it back and the man runs away.

I don’t understand this story. If someone does, please comment and explain.

Clock Tower

Nutty and Cheeba are two wicked men who try to fool Chacha Chaudhary by giving him three ordinary wooden sticks in exchange for his wrist watch. Little do they know that the wrist watch was a fake one.

Insidentally, the clock tower, which has Roman numbers, doesn’t have 3. Chacha Chaudhary asks Sabu to fix the three sticks on the clock.

The gathered crowd is in awe. Chacha Chaudhary didn’t lost anything but utilized the seemingly unusable sticks to fix the clock.

It’s a win win for everyone.

Money Money

Slaty Kumar is planning to steal money from someone. He seeks helps from Chacha Chaudhary. When Slaty Kumar arrives, Sabu greets him with his powerful punches and throws him away.

Later, we see a random man taking rocket the dog away, without permission. Again, instead of dealing with him, Chacha Chaudhary sends him to talk to Bini. Bini Chachi chases the man holding a rolling pin in her hand. Yet again, Chacha Chaudhary deals with two porblems without lifting a finger.


This time, it is the airport customs that seek help from Chacha Chaudhary to stop smuggling of cocaine. Chacha Chaudhary arrives at the airport and gets suspicious when he spots a man with heavily plastered leg. The man is caught.

This story finally has the line that I LOVED reading as a child. Chacha Chaudhary brain worked faster than a computer.


This one has sci-fi element. Emperor Haaku of Karketa planet wants to enslave the habitants of earth. Rocket attavksThe messenger and he returns wounded. Haaku himself comes to deal with Chacha Chaudhary. He shoots Chacha Chaudhary. Although the bullet misses him, it enrages Sabu.


The police inspector comes to ask for help to investigate a kidnap case. Chacha Chaudhary immediately understands who’d be the man behind the kidnap. Sabu deals with the accomplice and the kidnapped boy is united with his parents.


Ah, it was such a nice feeling to read these after such long time. It was nostalgic and reminded me of things I used to do as a kid.

The stories are simple and filled with wit and humour. It brings a smile on your face and lets you relax a bit. It is perfect to end the day with. Plus, you will also have some stories to tell your kids and nephews and neices.

I will meet you in next review.

Shabana Mukhtar